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McDonalds’ recent postercampaign exemplifies the strong relation between on- and offline design and user behaviour.

Logos are compact containers of associations and value. In a way they are the embodiment of designed authority. Today the dominant esthetic in applications on internet and mobile devices is flat UI design. An esthetic heavily based on this logo-driven image culture we’re in. Google is the most apparent dictator in this development. It started its flat design saga in 2013, and has continued this path with such vigor that it claims to have exchanged flat design for “material design” (i.e. flat design with some shade to it…)

McDonalds, with their ad-campaign refers to this trend explicitly and tests its power in the analog domain. A notable fact in itself but the company took the digital concept very literally adding some UI elements that simply make no sense in the physical world of posters. Try swiping these around:
Perhaps it’s because I just switched to a smartphone recently, but I can’t suppress the idea that this image is quite puzzling to most viewers.


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