Facebook what GIFs?

Putting the like on the GIF Only after a decade Facebook dares to allow GIF images on it’s platform. Untill recently the company was afraid that this functionality would make your wall look like a Geocities webpage. Since its early existence Facebook has chosen to not allow animated GIF images…

Textures of a GIF

Ever noticed artefacts and noise in a digital image? These files have qualities that make them stand out with a certain look and feel. This “texture” can be compared to textures in paper and other analog media. Adding a material property to the digital image.

Places of value

When Marc AugĂ©’s non-place is this neutral area of transience where no valuable content can be found, the archive then – being a place of historical and contemporary accumulated value – is its counterweight.

Flat mac menu

McDonalds’ recent postercampaign exemplifies the strong relation between on- and offline design and user behaviour.